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Great Night to Release a New Album!

I recently had the pleasure of playing two sold out shows at the famous Iridium Club in NYC for the release of my new album, All Tricked Out! It was a great and very supportive crowd, including many folks I knew, and it was great working in a new 2nd guitarist, Chris Foley into my band!

I like to play hi-energy sets, with a few nice emotional ballads thrown in for good measure, especially since that’s what a lot of people expect from me. There was a second set, which is unusual for me, and it can be very hard to “get up” for that second show, especially when you feel like you’ve shot the entire emotional and physical load in the first set! I think I must’ve played 20 songs in that first show, many old favorites, as well as 4 or 5 from the new album. The CD was very well-received, and we sold quite a few.

My daughter Lexie, graced the staged with her presence also, and she did about 4 songs with us and really got the place rocking! She has grown so much as a singer and performer over the last few years, and has a new album of all-original compositions, as well as a tune in the new Karen Black film, “Maria,my Love”, as well as singing “Vaya Con Dios”on the new Les Paul Tribute album we did along with Keith Richards, Jose Feliciano, Steve Miller, Lou Pallo, Slash and Billy Gibbons! Really looking forward to that masterpiece when it finally comes out!

It felt particularly good last night as an “established” artist, whose fans really came out in full force to support my new album. It felt so good to know that as long as I keep on coming out with new and creative projects, there will always be folks there willing to listen!

By far though, the most emotional thing of the evening was a surprise presentation of a special guitar made in tribute to my late daughter, Gillian. It is called “Pennies from Heaven” and it is the guitar that she and I have always talked about wanting to make; a guitar totally covered with pennies! (That was to match her gorgeous copper-colored hair!) I will be doing a special blog about that guitar at a later date.

Till then, this was just an installment to tell you that the release of my new album went super well last night, and that you will hopefully be hearing a lot more from it and about it very soon!! All the best from your guitar-playing buddy!

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