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Reflections on the Grammys

The Grammy Awards are often a rather sad event for me, because I have felt that many times I should’ve been there, but wasn’t! It also seems like a strange way of “marking time” as my life passes, and in a musician’s life, that can be particularly poignant.

I also have a tinge of optimism regarding the Grammys, because next year, I will be on at least 3 to 4 projects that will at least be nominated for a Grammy, and it would be such a blast and a career boost to have something like that happen! Of course, they for some reason eliminated the Rock Instrumental category, which I’ll never understand, and of course, it’s literally “my” category for sure, but maybe they can find another place for those kinds of instrumentals to be!

In general, I was surprised  at the quality of the performances and presentations at the Grammys last night, especially since the deep sadness of the loss of Whitney Houston hung over the whole proceedings. Paul McCartney was as incredible as ever, a true monument that nobody can ever topple, especially when you realize that literally nothing in music will ever have the sheer power and dominating impact that the Beatles and their music had, and of course, continue to have to this day! Taylor Swift had an amazing Country tune, looked great, and had a wild show full of tons of players and just overall great spirit, and it brought down the house too!

There was a noticeable drop in performances that had over “auto-tuned” voices, and too much “lip-synching”, but the annoying factor of these kinds of songs still bothered me, not to mention the very plain and simple fact that literally 90% of all the songs written in what seems like the last 22 years or so, HAVE HAD THE SAME FOUR CHORDS!!!! This has been driving me crazy, and it amazes me that somehow the powers that be in this business don’t seem to see this lack of originality just staring right at them! I swear if I hear those 4 chords one more time, and I don’t care in what configuration, I may just throw the radio out the window!

But other than that it was a nice awards ceremony, and something that actually made one feel good to be a musician once again, and to have some optimism for where music is going, and of course, for where it’s been too! I hope you make lots of great music in your life, and one day end up at the Grammys, and most of all, that this and other performances like it, will continue to inspire you to go on and be as creative and innovative as possible!

Posted: 2/14/2012 3:01:20 PM with Comments | Add Comment | Email Link | Permalink
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