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Nothing Like a New Guitar!

Today my new Gibson ES 335 arrived, and I surely couldn’t be happier! It brings back many of those special moments, particularly from my earlier life, when there was that exuberance of having a new instrument in my possession! I can even recall that certain “new guitar smell” from those days, and nothing brings it back like opening this guitar case! In fact, it brings back the various smells of the few times when I did in fact get a chance to open a case for the first time for a new guitar, a rarity since most of what I’ve ever owned and played have been more used or vintage pieces.

I was also truly impressed, as I knew I would be, at the quality of build, fit and finish with this guitar. More and more these days, I find myself totally loving the newer instruments, instead of always being married to the idea of having “vintage only.” After all, vintage simply becomes vintage at a certain age point, as opposed to being something of necessarily better quality than what you can buy new. All guitars had to be new at some point, and the thing to consider is “what was the quality of that guitar when it was new?” In the pre-Beatles days, guitars were never needed to be manufactured at the alarming rate they are these days, in what I call still the “post-Beatles boom.” Instead, the guitar was something of medium popularity, and the craftsmen of the time could take their time with their work, and therefore the guitars were better from the standpoint of their “handmade” quality. You look and feel those old instruments and you get a sense that there was a real person behind each one of those who really cared about the guitar’s playability as well as its appearance, as opposed to the “assembly line” kinds of approaches that guitar companies had to take once so many more thousands of people were demanding new guitars. Back in those days, they couldn’t keep up with the demand, so quality took a backseat to delivery time!

Nowadays however, as I look at and hold and play this fine guitar, I can see that we are clearly in a renaissance of guitar building, and not only are all the rogue “boutique” luthiers responsible, but so are the fine companies such as Gibson, who can make such a fine and pleasing instrument like this ES 335 right out of the box! I’m proud to be a new Gibson owner, and I hope many of you will join those ranks too! Now on to my next lesson...

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