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Help in Finding the Right Guitar

As many of us know, or will soon find out, the search for the right guitar is an arduous, but many times, a fun thing to do. The choices are so endless these days as to make your head spin, and I have always taken a great deal of pride in helping my students to really find what is just right for them and for their particular needs.

For you, assuming you are the student who is in need of a guitar, you must face up to certain realities that will help you decide which is the right guitar for you. Even though most of us are first attracted to the sexiest guitars possible, our decision will really depend on more down to earth matters such as how the neck fits our hands, how the body of the guitar feels to hold, the weight of the instrument, and of course, the sound and the tone of the guitar! During these early days of guitar buying and playing, sometimes it’s hard for a beginner to grasp all of these aspects, and we basically just want to go with the guitar that looks the coolest, or even better still, is played by one or more of our guitar heroes!

This is all well and good, but sometimes you’ll need the kind of guidance only an experienced player or teacher can provide when it comes to steering you in the right direction. This can be true of the salesman in the store, too, who is usually an experienced player, too, but you must beware of the fact that their number one priority is to sell you a guitar, period! You’ll always be much better off having a trusted friend, teacher or player there with you to give you the proper support about the instrument, while at the same time someone who is educating you about what to look for in a guitar for you.

I have always relished the opportunity to help someone find “just the right guitar” for themselves, so they could really feel at home with their instrument, and be able and comfortable to go on with their studies with me. I also love doing this for friends, and there’s a certain vicarious pleasure that one can derive from doing this for someone else, for sure!

I suppose the first thing to do is to at least “narrow down” your selection to a few guitars that really appeal to you, regardless of the reason, and then begin to look into what makes them tick, and why that particular model may be right for you. This is important, as I’ve talked to many people over the years who have committed themselves to very expensive instruments that they really regretted buying. I guess we can chalk that up many times to simply buying with our hearts and eyes, rather than with our ears and our heads! Either way, there is definitely a kind of learning experience that goes on here, and no matter what guitar you eventually choose, you’ll walk away from the experience knowing a heck of a lot more than when you started off. So good luck finding that guitar of your dreams, but never lose sight of the fact that it must be bought with your playing in mind, not just as “eye candy” that will look good hanging on your wall, or hanging off your shoulder! Good luck!

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