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Early Songwriting Ideas

Even though you may be in the earlier stages of your musical career and development, you may be finding yourself coming up with some rather original ideas for songs. The beauty you’ll find in this, is simply how these ideas can seemingly come from thin air, or certainly, at least from all kinds of unexpected places. This really is the beauty of this kind of creativity, since it seems to disregard how much knowledge you may or may not have. Rather, it simply uses what is at your musical disposal, whether conscious or sub-conscious, to conjure up all kinds of new aural concepts!

I can remember being an extremely young band member back in 1964, and at the age of 11, being very experimental with my music and sounds, while simultaneously becoming a better writer in a standard musical way, as well. This burst of creativity for me seemed to come “out of nowhere”, but in actuality it was from being part of such a creative family, and also being a part of very creative times. Remember, this was when The Beatles first took over the world, and writers such as Bob Dylan were also re-defining all that we would hear coming over the airwaves. As a result, I simply couldn’t help but start coming up with new ideas the minute I knew anything! I suppose this is really the key; to start to really utilize whatever is at your disposal at any time so you can start to come up with some original ideas of your own.

Certainly, this is one of the true joys you will discover as you start along this long musical journey of yours, and you must learn to be “open” to the process, because whether you even intend it to happen or not, it will, and songs and new sounds will certainly come to you for sure! Be ready for this; be ready to take it down, record it, and document it in any way you can, because it can always fade away, like waking up from a dream, if you don’t get it down on paper or tape or disc before it vanishes! I know that even now, and every day since my beginnings, I always come up with new ideas the minute I pick up the guitar in a very casual, natural way. But most song writing seems to come during a much more “structured” situation, almost like you’re punching the clock, as in the old days of “Tin Pan Alley”. I have nothing against this, and believe me, some of the greatest and most enduring tunes of all time were written in this manner.  I do love deadlines, and focused reasons for writing songs. It forces me to pay closer attention to what I am writing and to listen more closely to that “inner voice” that is really my muse. Even The Beatles, who were masters at this, were able to come up with genius-laden songs sometimes overnight, when they were “under the gun” to have to come up with new ideas for their films, etc., such as “Hard Day’s Night” which needed to be written because they changed the title of the film. Somehow, Lennon and McCartney were able to, at the drop of a hat, summon that creative “muse” within them, and really make it count at a very young age. Where did it all come from? They had the ear and were certainly not afraid to use it. In fact, they embraced it, and as you can tell from a lot of their writing, the songs sound almost as if they wrote themselves!

So when the ideas hit you, be sure to go with them, and embrace them. You never know, one great little melody may make your entire future! Good luck in your songwriting endeavors!

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