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Another Fantastic Night at the Iridium!

Well, we certainly had another great night and show at the famous Iridium Jazz Club in NYC! This is the famous club where Les Paul held court for so many years, fronting his wonderful Les Paul Trio, with Lou Pallo, who was at his side for so many years. You can’t help but feel the presence of the great Mr. Paul permeating from every inch of the place, and all the great music that has been, and continues to be played there truly makes it a guitar wonder, and a true mecca for guitarists everywhere!

For myself, it’s always an honor to take that stage, and this time I got to do it with my whole band, and to have my daughter Lexie on vocals. Another interesting thing about that club is the tradition of how many folks would travel from far and wide to see Les Paul. That seems to be continuing, as I had visitors from as far away as Boston, plus some people who even came down from Canada! There were people visiting NYC from France, Brazil and other countries as well, and I was signing autographs and shaking hands all night!

It’s so good that they have continued to pick up on the Les Paul legacy there, and keep on bringing the audiences great guitar playing…it’s such an honor to be a part of it, and they even had recorded albums of my set available by the end of the show, not to mention streaming the shows live on the internet, which can still be seen on Iridium Live! It’s hard doing 2 shows, and just in case people were staying for the 2nd set, I tried to not repeat any of the songs I did in the first set, which for me is always the “real” show! Very hard to muster up the energy for that 2nd show, even though we did hit our stride about mid-way through that show.

As always, it was the greatest joy of all to take the stage with my daughter Lexie and to have her sing a few numbers. She sounded and looked great, and her new album will be released in April! My new album, All Tricked Out! Will be available in May, and it will be released at a party there at the Iridium! I certainly recommend if any of you ever want to come to NYC to definitely stop in at the Iridium, and see the “real deal “as far as great musical experiences go!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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