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Music for Film

There’s no doubt that these days, and in days past, it has always been a great “push” for a song for it to be in a film. The popularity of that film helps carry that song along with it, and if the film really “makes it”, the music will always also be very much remembered. I, of course have had songs and music in films, most notably “Crossroads”, the blues movie with Ralph Macchio, and done lots of other more “incidental” songs in other films and TV series. My daughter, Lexie Roth has a wonderful song, “Call You My Hon” coming out in a new film entitled “Maria my Love”. This film will be featured at the TriBeCa Film Festival this coming week in NYC, and if it gets “picked up” for distribution, either in theaters or as a DVD, it will mean a great deal of success for her, as well as all the other parties involved!

This kind of lucky break occurred for my daughter as the result of her meeting and befriending the director of this film. The director immediately fell in love with her music, (especially after hearing Lexie’s first album, One Long Blink) and then heard her latest stuff which had not been released yet, and was lying in a kind of “dormant” state. Well this has certainly “woken up” Lexie’s album project, and this son of hers will be truly featured in the film, and will undoubtedly focus more attention upon her musical career, and especially this new album.

I always like to think that these “lucky breaks” are not really luck at all, but the result of putting in many years of hard work, and then having the music exposed to the right people. Many times, in the worlds of TV and film, the directors find themselves scurrying for musical material in an incredibly last-minute way. It’s funny, because with the incredible bounty of material out there to choose from, especially by independent artists, you’d think there would never be a problem. But that IS just the problem…there’s literally too much out there to pick from! Lexie’s song happened to just fit the scene and the mood that this Director had in mind, so she was able to immediately “plug the song into” the movie at just the right point. In fact, the scene is literally edited and based around the tune itself!

You really never know where these kinds of “breaks” will actually come from, but it’s always amazed me how one good work of art or good action seems to lead to another. It’s been true for my career, and it’s definitely starting to come true for Lexie! It’s a tough world out there in the music industry, and when you blend that with film, it becomes doubly impactful, since you are now dealing in two very mass-marketed media, both with their fair share of competiveness, greed, back-stabbing and the like!

Through all the ups and downs, we’ve learned to roll with the punches as best we can, and certainly to ride those “crests” whenever possible! I’m just glad to be there for her, and to see her success develop. It can only help us both, and we’re extremely excited about seeing the film with her song in it! It’s a thrill that cannot be matched! Sort of like the first time I heard myself on the radio!

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