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Getting the Word Out about Your Band

Spreading the word about your band, or your solo act for that matter, can be so escalated in these times of fast “one click” communication compared to the old days. It almost makes us forget how “word of mouth” is still the most important way to get the word out. After all, in the end it will still depend on how people talk about you, and the effect you may have on them and their reactions from a live encounter or performance.

Still, once you’ve gotten some good publicity, especially in the form of something on the Internet, you can the spread the word with lightning speed to many of you fans, and also to prospective fans. Someone just contacted me about doing an interview to promote and upcoming gig of mine, and within just a few minutes I was able to send him about 20 different links to articles, YouTube clips, photos, performances and more and more. In fact, the more I searched on the internet, the more I was able to find! You will find this too, as the more exposure you get professionally, the more you will find on the web about yourselves, both good and bad!

If you go to many performances by musicians these days, you’ll see that they often have a “sign up” page to be on their mailing list for emails about upcoming events, etc., and that’s just one of the great ways you can develop an e-mailing list to use. The obvious stuff these days are the “social media” approaches, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc., which are fantastic for getting out the word about your music for sure. They’ve been a huge help for me and also my daughter Lexie, who is releasing a new album now, and who, as many in her generation are, is a master at using the computer and all of its applications! Another great fact is that everyone has a website now, so the things that are printed or filmed or recorded about you can always be located easily enough thanks to folks “searching” for you. Usually when I do an interview on radio or wherever it may be, it’s pretty certain that they’ve already looked up a lot of stuff about me, or if they’re in a real hurry, they’ll be looking at it literally as we’re on the air! Such a thing happened when I was on the Boomer and Carton show on sports radio in New York City, and that made for some funny stuff, because they were asking literally whatever came up on the internet…some of it only marginally related to what we were talking about!

But regardless of how you do with all this, I’m sure you’re already using it, and making sure that all the best word is gotten out on the internet and otherwise about you and your musical journey!

Posted: 5/2/2012 2:55:46 PM with Comments | Add Comment | Email Link | Permalink
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