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Hittin' the Radio!

Hey folks, after many years of wanting to do this, I have finally decided to launch my own radio show! I’m doing it with my buddy and longtime sidekick, Roger D., and we intend to do a funny as well as informative show that will consist mostly of guitar music, and great anecdotes from my life, as well as many special guests! It will be on WPKN, which is a local listener-supported station in Connecticut, but everyone can always listen on on their computers. The first show is Monday, June 14, from 4-7PM, EST, and should be a lot of fun!

As I said, I have always dreamed of being on the radio, and lord knows I’ve been on hundreds of shows, but this is the first time I’ll be hosting my own show. I surely have always felt that radio itself is a fantastic and enduring medium, one that has certainly stood the test of time, and one that still carries a great deal of mystique with it. I want to be able to bring the best guitar music possible to listeners, and to always tell great stories, anecdotes, and offer words to the wise as well. All in all, it’s simply meant to be a fun experience, and my friend Roger D., who will be on the show too, has a wealth of musical knowledge that covers all genres. I do too, but I must admit, being rather picky, I’ve always focused mostly on the players and the music that really most directly inspired me over the years. Roger will be able to “fill in” a lot of the cracks as far as real factual info is concerned, whereas I will be more involved with the “overall” show and its content. I also will be talking about my Gibson lessons, my Gibson blogs and my live chat as well, as well as “all things guitar.”

Hopefully, this will turn into a fairly regular thing, but for now, the show is simply going to be a “special” which we will test out and see how it goes. If it “takes hold” and people like it, I suppose it can become a fairly regular occurrence on the radio, though lord knows my schedule is already way too busy! Still, it’s a pursuit of a longtime dream of mine, and I always wanted to see what it would be like to have my own radio show. I certainly enjoy the prospect of bringing eclectic and informative guitar music to the public, and to cross all boundaries. You’ll be just as likely to hear Merle Travis as Wes Montgomery on my show, and it really is an exciting prospect to me. Hope you can tune in!

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