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Cars and Guitars!

Cars and guitars…they go together like butter and toast, coast to coast! It’s getting to be springtime in full force here in the northeast, and here, like everywhere else in the country, the car bug is biting everyone again! I know it’s biting me, and the connection between vintage cars and cool guitars is really a universal one.
I know my buddies Jeff Beck and Danny Gatton have always been car nuts like me, as well as many other top guitar players such as Billy Gibbons, and I’m sure, many others.
The main thing that I find as the strongest connection between the 2 is the esthetic experience of both. I mean, driving an old classic can have the same rewarding esthetic as playing a classic ’59 Les Paul for me, and there’s just something about the age factor, the patina, the feel of the drive and even the sights and sounds and smells that reverberate to me just the way a vintage guitar does. For example, the true environment when you are driving the car is the interior, where the tactile experience is at its peak, and where the esthetic is just as warm and close to you as the playing of a supple instrument in your hands. The old, huge tube radios may as well be small guitar amps, and the combination of colors, metals, plastics and other elements always remind me of an old guitar.
The old cars, even their shapes, were more musical and creative in their sculptural nature, and design was never something that was compromised on. The freedom of expression was always paramount with these cars, just as these guitars, even today, are such a free-flowing expression of what the luthier wants to create, and what he or she wants to attract you with. These designs are purely sensual, and let’s face it, sensuality is the name of the game when it comes to the sultry curves of guitars and cars!
So, I’ll se you on the car circuit this Spring, Summer and Fall….and don’t be surprised if you see a guitar that matches the car thrown in the backseat!!

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