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More Reflections on the "Road"

The years I spent on the road, doing various tours, were some of the most amazing times anyone can ever imagine. Of course, I did some of the biggest, and most comfortable tours, and some of the roughest, most Uncomfortable tours as well! I used to have special little things I loved to do on the road, such as getting love letters from my wife that would be sweetly waiting for me at my next hotel destination, or frequenting the museums or other special sights of any given town while I was briefly there. I always felt that it was important to absorb as much as possible from each location, and to this day, I feel like I have a very strong “imprint” in my mind of wherever I have been.

I recall going to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh when I was playing there with Phoebe Snow, even in a blizzard, because there was a particular painting by the artist Roualt called “The Old King” that my father loved, and that back in 1960, when we had passed through Pittsburgh on the way to Chicago, was away on loan to a museum in Seattle. I can still recall my dad then asking, “which Turnpike do we take?”! So, I felt I owed it to him to see the painting and to report back to him about it! (I remember the promoter of the show couldn’t believe I was doing this!)

More often than not, especially back in those days, the other musicians never seemed too interested in those higher pursuits while of course, they were interested in “other” higher pursuits! That kind of stuff never turned me on, and since I was always really missing my wife or girlfriend at the time, the women on the road also did not present a major pursuit of mine……although the “groupies” were certainly there!

The roadies and all the other “road” guys we had as part of our team always seemed to be the ones more interested in going “wild” on the road, while us musicians were often the ones who went to bed early, and kept the partying to a minimum.

The happiest moment I think that I can ever recall was when we were on the big Simon and Garfunkel stadium tour, and we had been on the road for what seemed to be forever. Well, the intinirary finally called for coming home, but not until we played in front of 70,000 fans at Giants Stadium, and got to see our wives, expentent wives, and our children, all backstage!! Home at last!! What a feeling…..

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