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Levon's "Midnight Ramble" Was Great!

Well, this past Saturday my band, along with my daughter Lexie, all performed at Levon Helm’s legendary “Midnight Ramble” up in Woodstock, NY. As you may know, Levon sang and played on my latest cd, “Toolin’ Around Woodstock”, which has been a great success, and playing with him has simply been phenomenal!

The gig was a complete sell-out, and talk about a captive audience that hung on every note…it was amazing! I was getting cheers, sometimes it seemed, like one note at a time! I never was in such a comfortable situation from the standpoint of sound, monitors, and just plain “communication” between me and the audience. We only got to do about a one-hour set, as opposed to my usual 2-hour plus extravaganza, but we got to say an awful lot during that time!

Levon’s band was phenomenal, and he had a great horn section as well as fabulous singers, including his daughter, Amy, who also sang on our album, as well as during our set, along with my daughter, Lexie! I also had John Previti on bass, Shannon Ford on drums and Matt Rae on second guitar…an all-star band, to say the least! We’re also very proud, because Shannon’s wife, Alice Riply, just won the Tony Award for best Actress in a musical for her show, “Next to Normal”! She’s fantastic, and also sang on my daughter Lexie’s new cd!

The musicianship all night was terrific, and if you ever get a chance to come to Woodstock, you’ll never experience such an intimate musical treat! I know I, for one, can’t wait to get back up there for another dose of it, it sure was good for the soul!

It’s good in this day and age, to be a part of something that was so musically “real”, with the kind of dedicated audience that is really as deeply into the music as they were………it was encouraging as well as refreshing, and the players and the audience really seemed to feed off of one another’s energy!

So, here’s to more great gigs like that one! It’s the kind of experience that stays with you forever!

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