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A Busy and Productive Musical Year!

This year was has certainly been one of the busiest and most rewardingly productive years in a long time for me, and also for my daughter, Lexie Roth! Besides the fact that we are both finishing up and mixing our individual solo albums, we also both got to be on a Les Paul Tribute album that Lou Pallo and the Les Paul Trio did. This was an exciting project that also included artists such as Jose Feliciano, Steve Miller, Keith Richards, Bucky Pizzarelli, Billy Gibbons and even Slash, among others! Lexie got to sing a remake of the wonderful Les Paul and Mary Ford hit, “Vaya Con Dios”, which truly evoked that early ‘50s vibe of that famous recording, and I got to play “Mr. Sandman” as a very “Les Paul-like” fingerpicked hot instrumental as only he could do! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this masterpiece of an album, as it’s going to surely be one of this coming year’s “must have” recordings!

I was also asked to play solo acoustic versions of songs for both Burt Bacharach, and Lieber and Stoller tribute albums that feature many wonderful fingerstyle players, as well as flatpickers. I got to do one of my favorites, the old Dusty Springfield hit “Wishin’ and Hopin’” for the Bacharach album, and the Coasters’ “Charlie Brown” on the Lieber and Stoller recording. It would not surprise me at all if all three of these recordings at least end up as Grammy nominees.

My daughter Lexie was also fortunate in that one of the songs off of her new album was chosen to be in an independent film entitled “Maria, my Love”, starring the wonderful actress, Karen Black. What was terrific to see was how the director actually based the scene on her lyrics! The entire scene, and the pace of it, as well as the things she filmed all were tied-in directly with the lyrics of her song, and it was such a proud moment to sit with her there in the theatre, and to experience that as father and daughter!

Always great to share wonderful musical moments with your child. I was very glad I could make the Les Paul Tribute happen for her, and when I sent them the cuts she has sung in the past with me and Levon Helm, and other songs, plus the one from the film, they could really feel that they were using a young singer who already had experience, and what is called a “track record.” The actual act of recording for her was another great learning experience, as she got to sing live to tape, while Lou Pallo and I also cut the guitars live! What a thrill for us all, and what a great year musically! Years and times like this don’t come along all the time, so it’s very important to savor and learn from these experiences as much as possible. Hope they happen for you too!

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