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Those Blue Guitars!

This is a great memory of a day when I, along with many other guitar folks, were invited to the “coming out” party of the late, great collector, Scott Chinery’s commissioned “Blue Guitars”down in Tom’s River, NJ. It really was more of a celebration of his entire guitar collection, which was incredibly diverse, as well as world-class, and out of that day came this legendary photo of me, Scotty Moore, Tal Farlow, Jack Wilkins, Jimmy Vivino, G.E. Smith, Lou Pallo (from Les Paul’s band) and Steve Howe, from Yes.

Quite a gathering, especially when you consider that while this photo was taken, the great Johnny Winter was performing outside by the pool, and nobody was there watching! I was always very proud that I somehow ended up holding the big Gibson, as I was sitting next to so many Jazz and Rock giants who always made Gibson their guitar of choice. All I can say is that Scotty and Tal were certainly very gracious, as they were happy to let me be the holder of it. It also, to me, was the nicest guitar there, and it just also felt really great to play!

There were some nice representations of other archtop makers, such as D’Angelico, Triggs and Benedetto, but the Gibson had the “flash” to be able to pull off being painted that shade of blue. All of this of course, while I was knowing all along that I detested blue on guitars! If it were me, I would’ve commissioned the “red guitars” or even the “green guitars” but never blue! But otherwise, this truly was a legendary day in guitar history, and one I was certainly honored to be asked to be a part of! Talk about a “photo op”!

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