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More on Song Collaboration

There have been many songs I have collaborated on as a write…some I got credit for, and just as many where I didn’t get any credit! Heck, there were WHOLE songs and pieces I never got credit for, as in the film, “Crossroads”, but that’s for another time and place for me to talk about!

As far as the whole collaboration process goes, you never really know how it will all “fall together”, but as long as the outcome is pretty much what you wanted, and are happy with, then the whole process was worth it. I have written with folks under some of the funniest circumstances. For example, this month, my old friend and musical partner in crime, Kate Taylor came out with a wonderful new cd, called “Fair Time”. To my surprise, she put on there a very personal song I wrote the music for, when she had already had the lyrics. The funny part of the collaboration was that she showed me the song at her dining table, and while she received a phone call, I started setting myself to writing some music to the words.

Well, needless to say, when the phone call was done, so was the song, because it just so easily seemed to fall into place. So much so, that at first I had to doubt myself, thinking “this couldn’t be”…..I couldn’t come up with the “right stuff” that quickly. In the end though, it was right, because Kate loved it, and it worked so well with what she wanted to say, and how she wanted to deliver the tune.

This is also a very important factor in songwriting if you can know who’s going to sing it, because if you feel like you really know that person who is going to sing it, and what their relationship is to the lyrics, you can more easily “find” the music, or shall we say, let the music find YOU!

Either way, song collaboration is a great process, and it’s one that everybody comes away from knowing just a little more! I love doing it, and I hope it’s something you’ll get into someday, if you haven’t already!

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