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More Reflections on Les

The loss of Les Paul cannot ever be measured, yet so are his accomplishments and life lessons to be learned. This was a man who seemed to never stop his creative and inquisitive drive right to the end, and this is what truly kept him young and so alive. I remember when I first got to perform with him, I felt like I was playing with some kid who had just discovered the guitar, and was so happy to be making music with it! His passion and playfulness was truly to be admired, and it was infectious, as everyone around him just couldn’t help but have big grins on their faces!

He was also quite serious about all that he did, and there was no question, a real “all business” approach he sometimes took when push came to shove. I can recall one time, when he and I, and many others such as Albert Lee and James Burton, played at a Danny Gatton tribute concert, and Les and I were asked to go downstairs to conduct a fairly long interview about Danny, and the guitar in general. Well, Les’ presence there was not even expected, and was basically only “rumored”, until I hit the stage with Albert Lee, and the audience parted like the Red Sea to let Les Paul through! So, the interview was a total “scoop” for the reporter, who wasn’t even really prepared. So, there Les and I sat, in this basement room, waiting and waiting, and then he pulled out a banana and started eating it…”nice, you’re getting your potassium” said the reporter, as we were still waiting and waiting…….”yes”, said Les….then suddenly blurting out ‘ARE WE GONNA DO AN INTERVIEW HERE OR ARE WE NOT!?” Well, needless to say, after that, things clicked into gear pretty quickly to say the least, and then Les and I proceeded to talk on camera for nearly an hour! What an amazing and memorable experience!

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