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"Sitting in with Students" Update!

Well, last blog, I told you about how I was about to sit in at this club and play with this wonderful old student of mine who really loves to play neo-classical shred guitar, but that I was going to introduce him to a brilliant 18-year old new student who was here for a week of lessons with me.

Well, all seemed to be going well…we went to the club, had some dinner and drinks, etc., and then it was going to be time for the music, and boy, the place was really starting to fill up! Anyway, as soon as we were getting ready to play, the owner/manager of the joint told us he was too young, and that he had to leave not only the club area, but the entire building/premises! I mean, what is a young phenom to do? What if he were 9 years old, would he not be able to have this forum in which he could bring his immense talent to the forefront?! Also, his Mom was there with him, as was I, and there was no guarantee he was going to even play…he just wanted to watch!

Well it was fairly frustrating, for him especially, and I felt bad, because I wanted his week to end on that bright note, but I still got to jump up onstage and blow the room away with “Superstition”. It’s always hard to hit the stage roaring, and to have to go from 0-60 in what seems to be one second flat, but I managed, and it was great fun! Like I said before…I love to sit in, especially when it involves helping someone else to have a better experience!

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