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More Real Life "Music School"

When I was continuing to learn at a very rapid pace as a performer and a recording artist, it became more and more apparent that this was truly something I was really “on my own” with. Once I started getting calls from producers and bands who wanted my talents, it seemed that the more they wanted “me for me” they only really wanted just to tell me what to play!

This was a bitter pill to swallow, especially in the beginning, because I was such a raw, and in essence, unbridaled talent, that it was hard for me to accept any additional musical “pigeon holing”, which definitely insulted my fragile, and very young ego, and sense of what I felt was good guitar playing.

After all, all I ever wanted to really do was play MY way, not to just be a “hired gun” to simply be an adequate guitarist who can do whatever people tell me to do. Still, this is, no doubt, a big part of dealing with certain ends of the music industry, and if you really want to be a pro player, it’s part of learning the ropes.

It never made me falter, but I must admit, it many times was a rude awakening for sure! Of course, you have the “big shots” who want you to play what they want, and you BETTER listen and not have an attitude about it, while at the same time you have people like spoiled Long Island kids who have been given money by their parents so they can hire the best musicians and have them record in their basement! (a true occurance!) This was enormously frustrating, because you have to realize that you’re dealing with someone here who has NO idea even WHY you are so good as a player, only the fact that he wants you, and he wants you now!!! So, there I was, in this kid’s basement, playing with Rick Marotta on drums, and the great Tony Levin on bass, and we’re all looking at each other, as if to say, “what the hell are we all doing here?!”

But I guess that’s the problem….as musicians there are times when we feel like we must do anything and everything we can, first for a living, and secondly because it may be something that will further our careers ... or, as in this “not rare enough” case, for no good reason at all!!!

Beware of what gigs you take, especially when you don’t know all the details about them….they simply just may end up one day in a blog like this, with nothing else to show for it!! Still, I guess it was worth the story! See you again soon ...

Posted: 4/15/2009 4:22:33 PM with Comments | Add Comment | Email Link | Permalink
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