Arlen Roth

We’ve all heard how song writers basically talk about their songs “coming to them” in either a dreamlike state, an actual dream or certainly how they seem to just “appear” out of thin air. Of course, for many, song writing is a very powerful craft that they have worked at for years, and whose skills have been very well-honed, too!
Regardless of how these things actually come to us (and through us!) we must acknowledge that like most artistic creations, it is in an almost trance like, or dreamlike state that we are best being truly creative. I find that some of my most creative moments are when I am in that sort of “in between” place, where I’m not yet dreaming or asleep, but headed to there, or coming back from there. I feel that during that time we are connected to a part of our sub as well as unconscious selves, and this is when we are the most “open” to our muses and to new, abstract ideas.
The key during many of these moments is to be able to come back to them and actually recall what it was that had you so pumped up to begin with, and to recall just the right flavor and approach to the song you had in mind. Keep in mind that it’s often the groove or the “feel” of the tune that has its real imprint on it, and that can often be the most elusive part to try to remember!
Two nights ago, I found myself with a huge song idea suddenly “rushing” over me in an uncontrollable wave of inspiration. This doesn’t happen at precisely that time all that often to me, so I was really forced to take notice of it. Since I then started building and embellishing the song even more from that point, I was thus able to remember it much more clearly, and still have it now firmly imprinted in my consciousness!
I also know that every time I pick up the guitar I have a habit of instantly starting to create. Whether it’s a new riff, some new positions, or even a new song idea, it always seems most likely to happen when I least expect it, and when I simply introduce the guitar to the situation at hand, very innocently. Before you know it, in a moment like this, you may be coming up with the greatest song you could’ve ever written! So be on the lookout for those magical moments. For some they come more often than others, and therefore that’s why we must be on the lookout and be ever-vigilant for when the “muse” strikes us! Happy creating!