Neil Young

Are you tired of hearing from guitar “experts” that Jimmy Page is better than Joe Satriani? That humbuckers are better than P-90s? That the SG could never, ever hope to match the legacy of the Les Paul? Well, it’s about time that you had your say.

In’s new series, Battle of the Fans, we’re turning the debate over to you. We’ll present two sides of an issue, and then let you, the fans, fight it out for superiority in the comments section. In short, we’ll be the prosecution and defense, but you get to be judge, jury and (if needed) executioner.

Battle of the Fans topics will include anything and everything guitar-related, from “Was Jimi Hendrix Overrated?” to “What is Superior: Floyd Rose or Bigsby?” Check back often to to have your say in the latest Battle of the Fans.