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    In the Studio: High-Profile Artists Praise KRK Monitors as Essential Gear
    Founded in 1986 by engineer Keith Klawitter, KRK Systems rose to prominence as an organic enterprise, arising out of necessity due to the lack of clarity and accuracy in studio monitors dominating the market at that time. Determined to design and build a monitor that delivered “a true acoustic interpretation of the mix,” Klawitter utilized his electronics skills and musical passion to the custom-build the perfect monitor—and soon enough his peers were commissioning him to build similar units for them.
    Les Paul’s Minty Fresh Sound
    How Listerine and Les Paul teamed up for one of early TV’s zestiest musical shows.
    Country Girls and Gibson Guitars
    Let’s take a look at some videos of country music's most prominent female musicians on stage with a Gibson Acoustic in their hands!
    This Week in Rock History, August 22 - 28
    This week is remembered in rock history for the time that Keith Moon supposedly celebrated his birthday by accidentally driving a car in to a pool. It was also during this week in 1965 that the biggest band in the world had a rather special meeting with a hero.
    Rippin’ it with Gibsons: Photographer Jerome Brunet’s Stunning Performance Shots
    Jerome Brunet’s work in photography has earned him a stellar reputation. His award-winning shots have been published in Rolling Stone, Time, American Photo, Guitar World, Vanity Fair, and countless other prestigious publications. Here we present beautiful samplings of Brunet’s work, along with his comments about each image.
    Interview: Red Sun Rising Talk Les Pauls and a Rock Revolution
    Red Sun Rising's Ryan Williams and Mike Protich talk Gibson Les Pauls, modern rock music and more.
    This Week in Rock History, Aug. 15 - 21
    Historically speaking, the third week in August has yielded a trove of memorable rock and roll-related events. In 1964, The Beatles launched their first-ever American tour. In 1979, Led Zeppelin released their final studio album. And in 1991, Nirvana filmed the video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
    Paul McCartney: Ten Little-Known Facts about the Former Beatle
    Few lives have been as thoroughly documented as the life of Paul McCartney. Scores of biographies have been written, many filled with the minutest details about the former Beatle. Still, we managed to uncover a handful of less-well-known tidbits about Sir Paul’s remarkable life.
    Gibson Tone Tips: Home Tone vs. Gig Tone
    In this installment of Gibson Tone Tips, I want to expend a few words on the concept of “home tone” vs. “gig tone”. This is something that experienced performing musicians know intuitively, but which often slaps newcomers to the live venue right in the face when they come up against it for the first time.
    10 Classic Rock Guitar Intros
    A great guitar intro often sets the tone for everything that comes in its wake. Rock history is loaded with terrific examples, but below we’ve compiled ten intros that set an especially high standard.