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    Top Ten Riffs for Summoning a Guitar Store Clerk
    “Absolutely, under no circumstances at all are customers allowed to play “Stairway to Heaven,” “Sweet Child O' Mine,” or “Smoke on the Water” while trying out guitars.” – Sign in the window of a music store on Denmark St., in England.
    Gibson Interview: Xander and the Peace Pirates
    The U.K's Xander And The Peace Pirates are getting ready for a big 2016. Three guitars, soul, rock and great tunes mean they must be on your radar. Gibson.com talks to the band as they prep their full album debut
    Should Guns N’ Roses Record a New Album?
    There are many rumors concerning the upcoming Guns N’ Roses reunion shows regarding who is in the band, and how many shows they will do. Another burning question is if the band will record any new material after the tour. Do you think they should?
    Drum Roll: The Top 10 Rock Drummers of All Time
    What good is jamming on guitar if your rhythm section isn't tight, in the pocket, and simply a hearty backdrop on which you can slap melodies and riffs? The drums are the essential backbone of a band. A bad drummer loses the listener. A good drummer keeps the audience engaged and bobbing their heads along to the beat. Gibson.com is pleased to pay homage to such drums stars with our Top 10 Rock Drummers of All Time.
    This Week in Rock History, Feb. 8 – 14
    The second week in February brought notables moments in music history. Check out some significant events, releases, births and deaths here.
    Peter Doherty Talks Art, Blues and Gibson Guitars
    The Libertines' Peter Doherty is again exhibiting his canvas art. Here, he tells Gibson.com about the relationship of his musical and visual works. You can see his paintings at Gibson Brands London HQ.
    This Week in Rock History
    Historically speaking, the first week in February has been an eventful period for rock and roll. February of 1978 saw one very notable guitar band sign their first major label contract; in contrast, February of 1988 saw the dissolution of one of New Wave music’s finest groups.
    Gibson Guitar Greats #2: Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page is without doubt a legend of guitar. Eclectic, electric and with superb command of sound and production. Here's a quick primer on Led Zeppelin's Lord Of The Strings and his Gibson guitars
    Superbowl: Top Five Halftime Rockers
    In preparation for Coldplay’s halftime performance during Super Bowl 50 we list the five best rock performances from previous years. How about the likes of Bruce Springsteen and The Who, to name a couple?
    Are You Traditional or High Performance?
    Gibson has just unveiled its 2016 line and there’s something for everybody, whether your tastes lean towards the traditional, the modern or the best of both worlds.