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    This Day in Music Spotlight: Stevie Ray Vaughan Dies in Helicopter Crash
    Stevie Ray Vaughan had just played the gig of his life alongside blues luminaries Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and older brother Jimmie, and finished the show at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin with a fiery 20-minute version of “Sweet Home Chicago.”
    The Gibson Guitars of Rise Against's Zach Blair and Tim McIlrath
    Here’s what Rise Against guitarists Tim McIlrath and Zach Blair has said about their many Gibson guitars over the years.
    Inside Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti
    Led Zeppelin's “Physical Graffiti” is out again, 40 years on, with remastering and rare outtakes from Jimmy Page
    Five Recording Studio Necessities
    Although Gibson entered the pro audio arena years ago, the most recent additions to the family of Gibson Brands provides a complete set of integrated, innovative recording solutions.
    Introducing the Gibson L-9 Archtop
    Gibson’s innovative L-9 Archtop is a versatile, lightweight and thoroughly modern marriage of a Les Paul and a classic jazz box that can speak any musical language.
    This Day in Music Spotlight: Blur Battles Oasis
    Over the course of a year, the stage had been set for a royal rumble. After initially praising one another, Britpop’s two biggest bands had begun to antagonize each other in the press.
    The Gibson J-45: Words of Praise from Five Great Contemporary Artists
    The launch of the 2016 line of Gibson acoustic models has served to reinforce just how many terrific artists have chosen Gibson acoustics—including the classic J-45--as the perfect instrument for their needs.
    Playing in a Guitar & Drums Duo
    The idea of a guitar-plus-drums duo isn’t a new one. A lot of us even started out this way by pure necessity. But there are many ways to create innovative music in a guitar/drums format.
    Gibson Brands at the Cons
    Gibson Brands has been on hand at many festivals, and conventions this summer. Aside from demonstrating gear, we’ve also offered up cool and innovative photo-ops., as well as providing equipment for on-the-spot recording.
    7 Ways to Get Your Cover Versions Noticed
    From Britney Spears to Metallica, others' songs can come to life in new inventive versions. Here's some tips and examples of how to win at cover songs