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Wood Specialist (Gibson USA)

Job Location: Nashville, TN

Gibson Brands, Inc., the world’s premier musical instrument manufacturer and the home of such preeminent brands as Gibson, Epiphone, Baldwin and Wurlitzer, is looking for a Wood Specialist to join the team at Gibson USA. This position will be based in Nashville, TN.

POSITION SUMMARY:  The job of Wood Specialist is to plan, direct, and coordinate the storage, drying, and conditioning and to optimize the yield of the wood products used to manufacture guitars.


1.     The Wood Specialist will report to the Director of Engineering and Quality
2.     The Wood Specialist will work directly with the supervisors and operators involved in converting the raw wood into the finished product, throughout the entire value stream.
3.     Lumber drying operation
a.      Determines incoming moisture content of lumber, before and after
                                              i.     Determines Sample for measuring moisture content before and after drying
                                              ii.     Knowledge Moisture meter settings and limitations
                                              iii.     Able to weigh cuts before and after drying and determine moisture content
b.     Determines appropriate drying cycle and schedule considering
                                               i.     Species
                                               ii.     Dimensions
                                               iii.     Quantity
                                               iv.     Initial moisture content
                                               v.     Determine Rate and Percentage of moisture reduction
c.      Determines and Records Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation settings
                                               i.     Ensure setting used are appropriate
                                               ii.     Audits the process
                                               iii.     Review process data and determine causes of variation
1.     Develop a plan to reduce process variation
                                               iv.     Implements controls to ensure the processes are monitored and deliver the desired results, conventional and vacuum kiln processing
d.     Maintains a record of species, dimension and footage dried,
                                               i.     Initial and final moisture content, appropriate sampling techniques required
e.      Works with supervisors to direct worker loading and unloading kilns to ensure processes are followed.
4.     Calculate the capacity of the Kilns
5.     Evaluate the capacity requirements in the out years and recommend solutions to capacity constraints
6.     Recommend processing strategies for non-standard lumber,
a.      E.g. – 100-year-old Red Wood,
b.     Old Mahogany recovered from the bottom of rivers
7.     Demonstrate a working knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, the seven types of waste and Continual Improvement processes including 5S and the Plan, Do, Study, Act.
a.      Work with manufacturing engineering and operations on Lean Manufacturing projects
b.     Work with the Product development team to recommend appropriate materials
·       Bachelor’s Degree Required
·       Five years’ experience in wood working, drying and conditioning
·       Musical Instrument manufacturing experience a plus
·       Thoroughly familiar with Forest Product’s Laboratory Agriculture Handbook No. 188 – Dry Kiln Operator’s Manual
*Gibson offers a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), vacation and paid time off.

Please, no phone calls.