2014 Model Year The 120th Anniversary
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In Focus: Today's 2014 Feature
Oct 20, 2017
  • Min-ETune™
    Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Better:
    2014 Min-ETunes™ are the best yet. Of course they tune automatically—and tune to alternate tunings in seconds—but they also tune manually.
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  • Sidewinder P90H Humbucker
    Sidewinder P90H Humbucker
    Back to the Future:
    The Sidewinder features a pure P-90 tone based on the historic EBO and Grabber pickups with Alnico V magnets, but then hits the next level with coil split for more cut and shimmer. The Les Paul and SG Futura pick up on the past but take it further into the future.
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  • Tuned Coil Tap
    Tuned Coil Tap
    Access a World of Tones:
    The innovative tuned coil tap affects only certain frequencies to provide standard tapped sounds and various scooped midrange timbres. In fact, switchable tuned coil taps on the neck and bridge pickups deliver eight different, unique pickup sounds without any kind of active circuitry or equalization—and maintain most of the pickup’s humbucking properties, too.
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  • Phase Switch
    Phase Switch
    Quick Change Tonality:
    Reversing the phase of one pickup when both are selected gives that classic thin, "glassy" sound that just begs to go through a sweet chorus or reverb effect.
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  • New Serial Numbering
    New Serial Numbering
    We've Got Your Numbers:
    The 2014 Model Year introduces a new easy-to-use numbering system, keyed to the model year and of great significance to the collectors. Each guitar’s serial number proudly displays the order, in which your Gibson was hand-crafted in Nashville, USA.
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