2014 Model Year The 120th Anniversary
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In Focus: Today's 2014 Feature
Aug 19, 2017
  • Stunning Finishes
    Stunning Finishes
    Looks as Good as the Sound:
    The stunning new finishes have been created specifically for the 2014 Model Year. A new wet-sanding process for nitrocellulose finishes gives a level of gloss and strength that was previously unobtainable. Shiny finishes stay shiny longer, and are more resistant to minor scratches.
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  • 120th Anniversary Inlay
    120th Anniversary Inlay
    Once in a Lifetime, Literally:
    To celebrate 120 years of innovation and American craftsmanship, all Gibson 2014 Model Year guitars include a distinctive 120th Anniversary inlay at the 12th fret. Years from now, this iconic inlay will mark the 2014 models as authentic collectors' items.
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  • Coated Strings
    Coated Strings
    Made to Last:
    All Gibson 2014 Model Year guitars ship with top-quality coated strings that stay in tune better and last longer.
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  • Standardized Headstock
    Standardized Headstock
    To Min-ETune™, or Not to Min-ETune™…is No Longer a Question:
    Since not all guitars have Min-ETune™, the new 2014 standardized headstocks make it easy to retrofit Min-ETune™ at a later date.
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  • Min-ETune™
    Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Better:
    2014 Min-ETunes™ are the best yet. Of course they tune automatically—and tune to alternate tunings in seconds—but they also tune manually.
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