2014 Model Year The 120th Anniversary
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Oct 06, 2015
  • 120th Anniversary Inlay
    120th Anniversary Inlay
    Once in a Lifetime, Literally:
    To celebrate 120 years of innovation and American craftsmanship, all Gibson 2014 Model Year guitars include a distinctive 120th Anniversary inlay at the 12th fret. Years from now, this iconic inlay will mark the 2014 models as authentic collectors' items.
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  • Coated Strings
    Coated Strings
    Made to Last:
    All Gibson 2014 Model Year guitars ship with top-quality coated strings that stay in tune better and last longer.
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  • Standardized Headstock
    Standardized Headstock
    To Min-ETune™, or Not to Min-ETune™…is No Longer a Question:
    Since not all guitars have Min-ETune™, the new 2014 standardized headstocks make it easy to retrofit Min-ETune™ at a later date.
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  • Min-ETune™
    Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Better:
    2014 Min-ETunes™ are the best yet. Of course they tune automatically—and tune to alternate tunings in seconds—but they also tune manually.
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  • Sidewinder P90H Humbucker
    Sidewinder P90H Humbucker
    Back to the Future:
    The Sidewinder features a pure P-90 tone based on the historic EBO and Grabber pickups with Alnico V magnets, but then hits the next level with coil split for more cut and shimmer. The Les Paul and SG Futura pick up on the past but take it further into the future.
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