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Jan 18, 2017
  • 1959 Tribute Humbucker
    1959 Tribute Humbucker
    The Holy Grail of Tone:
    The 1959 Tribute Humbucker enhances the highs yet retains classic tone with "unmatched" bobbin windings, Alnico II magnets, and exceptional balance between coils—this is the reincarnation of the classic humbucker.
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  • Cyrogenically Treated Fret Wire
    Cyrogenically Treated Fret Wire
    Eliminates Corrosion:
    A 72-hour dry deep-freezing process modifies the fret wire's molecular structure to minimize corrosion and maximize longevity.
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  • 15dB Turbo Boost
    15dB Turbo Boost
    Feel the Heat:
    The 15dB Turbo boost switches the guitar into overdrive—great for boosting lead tones or making amps scream. Even better, the amount of boost is trimpot-adjustable. Once you find a "sweet spot" for a particular amp, you can have it available at the flick of a switch.
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  • Extra Large Strap Buttons
    Extra Large Strap Buttons
    Guitar Insurance:
    Don't worry about your guitar falling off in the middle of a solo! All 2014 guitar models have extra-large strap buttons.
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  • P-90ST and P-90SR Pickups
    P-90ST and P-90SR Pickups
    Versatility with a Vintage Vibe:
    The P-90ST and P-90SR pickups featured in the Les Paul Melody Maker deliver a broad range of tones for jazz, blues, and rock, with a bright, percussive attack at the treble pickup and a clean, articulate voice for rhythm. That vintage vibe comes courtesy of Alnico V rod magnets, made famous by the classic Gibson ES-125 models of the late ‘40s. Enjoy the legendary P-90 sound on Gibson’s most affordable Les Paul ever.
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